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The following gives the set of basic steps by academic staff involved in accessing and assessing a PG Research application.  For more information please refer to the PGR Supervisor User guide

Please note the approach outlined below is dependant on the PGR Supervisor undertaking the PGR Supervision task.

Performing the PGR Supervisor task

In some cases is may be impractical for PGR Supervisors to undertake the actions required to complete the PGR Supervisor task, therefore an enhancement has been made to EUCLID to enable Admissions staff with the ability to complete the information on behalf of the PGR Supervisor. This enhancement allows Admissions staff to enter the minimum information required for a PGR applicant to issue an offer letter i.e. Project/Research title, ATAS requirements, Supervisory team setup. However, PGR Supervisors will still be required to communicate these details to Admissions staff outwith EUCLID.

It should be noted however, that many of the details a PGR Supervisor is required to update as part of the PGR Supervisor task will not be captured if it is the approach for academic staff to not undertake the Supervisor task e.g. Disclosure detail required, Facilities required, Prescribed courses, Home and Away details. Therefore, if these details apply they should also communicated to the AMF staff member outwith EUCLID.

Recommendation Events & the PGR Supervisor task in EUCLID

It should be noted that in some Schools it has been decided to use the Recommendation event process to identify potential Principal Supervisors to send the PGR Supervisor task to. If your School has decided to employ the Recommendation event process in addition to the PGR Supervision task, please refer to the PGT Selector/Recommendation steps quick reference guide

However, if your School has decided not to utilise the Recommendation event process, then follow the PGR Supervisor steps below.

To perform the PGR Supervisor task you will first need to access EUCLID:

Step 1 - Receiving an application for PGR Supervision consideration 

(For an online demonstration of this step click here - desktop settings must be 1280x1024 pixels).

If you have been selected by the Admissions staff as a potential Supervisor for an applicant then you will receive a personal Intray message within EUCLID. An example of this can be seen below:







Click on the subject heading to open the Intray message.






















Clicking on the Review application link will begin the task and open the screen below.


This first task will come to you as an Intray message giving you the functionality to complete the task from the same screen.

The screen above can be broken down into 5 sections:

    • Application Details & Recommendation
    • Supervision Team
    • Field of study/project title
    • ATAS Details
    • Additional Programme Costs
    • Other information


    Step 2 - Reviewing the application & selecting your recommendation

    (For an online demonstration of this step click here - desktop settings must be 1280x1024 pixels)

    The first section of Application Details provides a summary of the application for consideration and a link to the Application Record (ACD).



    Click on Application Record (ACD).

    This navigates to the Application & Decision Entry (ACD) screen, where you can review the full application and any uploaded supporting documentation.

    Once you have reviewed the application via the ACD screen you may close this window and return to the task window,

    You can now select you recommendation by clicking on the radio button next to the appropriate option:


    1. Accept as Principal Supervisor – click on this to select yourself as the Principal or Co-Supervisor of an applicant. You will then be required to complete the remaining sections of the task.
    1. Accept as Principal or Co-supervisor (subject to funding) – click on this to select yourself as the Principal or Co-Supervisor of an applicant. This provides the caveat that this will only be confirmed on confirmation of applicant funding. You will then be required to complete the remaining sections of the task
    1. Not interested in supporting this candidate – click on this to de-select yourself from Supervisory consideration. You should then click on the 'Submit Recommendation' button to complete the task.


    Step 3 - Completing the Supervision Team section

    (For an online demonstration of this step click here - desktop settings must be 1280x1024 pixels)

    If you have selected yourself as a potential supervisor/co-supervisor then you will be required to complete the Supervision Team section within the PGR Supervision Consideration task.


    Search for the staff members who are to make up the Supervision Team, taking care to add yourself.

    Instruction on how to search and select staff members to be populated within the Supervisor field can be displayed by hovering your mouse over the ? icon.
    The Type of Supervisor role to be assigned against each team member can be selected from the Type drop down list. The options are below:

    1. Principal Supervisor
    2. Assistant Supervisor
    3. Co-Supervisor

    The Co Lead drop down box is only applicable if the applicant is to be co-supervised.


    Step 4 – Completing the Field of study/project title

    (For an online demonstration of this step click here - desktop settings must be 1280x1024 pixels)

    Type in the field of study/project title applicable to the applicant’s research.


    Step 5 – Completing the ATAS Details section

    This section is required to be completed for all Overseas applicants.

    Instructions on how to complete the ATAS Details are found within the section and additional help can be found by hovering your mouse over the ? icon.

    If the Subject field is blank or has the incorrect subject populated this should be updated.

    The Summary field should be completed if the applicant requires ATAS clearance: please provide a short summary (6-7 sentences) of the research to be undertaken by the applicant.


    Step 6 – Completing the Additional Programme Costs section

    If there are additional programme costs appropriate to this research programme then the amount should be updated here (the default for the programme will be displayed initiall)




    If the additional costs exceed £4000 then documentation justifying the amount will be requested out with EUCLID.


    Step 7 – Completing the Other information section

    This field should be updated with information relating to the recommended offer for the applicant, and can also be used to key in pertinent information regarding any proposed changes to the programme of study, Home and Away study details, Disclosure requirements or any other salient information that the Admissions staff will require to be notified of.


    Step 8 – Completing the PGR Supervision Consideration task

    When you have completed supplying the appropriate information based on the instructions provided in the steps above, you should then click on the 'Submit Recommendation' button.

    This will return a submit confirmation window that indicates that the information that you have provided has been sent to the Admissions staff member who initiated the task.










    Click on the Exit button to close the window.

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